Social Media Translation FAQ’s

Socialreach / Social Media Translation FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What social networks do you support?

Currently we support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (mirroring only) & Sina Weibo.

Do you offer a free version?

It is free to sign up and have a look around. You can also publish, schedule & mirror accounts if you are not using translation. If you would like to translate any posts, you will need to purchase translation credits.

How does the translation work?

We have partnered with numerous crowdsourced translation companies, whom we send your social media posts to automatically for translation. We only use business level translators and have developed numerous procedures and quality checks to help ensure you get the best possible translation back.

Do I need multiple social media accounts?

Facebook allows you to post in multiple languages from the same social media account. They utilise language targeting to ensure that users only see posts in their local language. We utilise the same features so you can do the same with professional human translators by your side.

For Twitter, it is recommended to have a social account per language.

What is a mirrored account?

‘Mirroring’ accounts is a hands-free option to automatically post and/or translate all content posted on one of your accounts to another without having to access the Socialreach platform. The platform monitors the source account and when a new message appears it will create a translation for the language of the target account and when that translation is complete, post it. This is a great way to post in multiple languages or to mirror your posts from Instagram to Twitter with the image included.

How do i cancel if I'm not happy?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on translation credits if you are not satisfied.


How long must I wait to receive my translation?

Nine out of ten translations are completed within one hour. Because our translators are located all over the world we cannot always guarantee completion within one hour. We are constantly working to  improve to translation speed.