New Feature: Translate hashtags, localize images and entity management

First of all: what are entities? Entities are elements, other than standard text, added to social media messages. These include #hashtags, @names, and images.

In social media, as much if not more of a message’s meaning and potential for engagement comes from the entities it contains. Why would we spend the time and money to translate our textual content and not give the same care and attention to our entities? With Reach7’s entity management this is now as simple to use as the rest of the platform.

Example uses:

  • #hashtags for regional campaigns: #WinSomething → #GagnerQuelqueChose
  • @names ensuring the right market contacts the right person: @Reach7 → @Reach7_FR
  • direct traffic to the correct language version of a page: →
  • images can contain localised or language specific content

Below you can see the super simple interface we have created to make this powerful functionality available to you:




This feature is available to all users  – try it now.

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